Our Mission

Bee Leaders of Tomorrow is an educational program designed to empower youth to become the next change makers in their communities. We leverage collaboration and experiential learning in a virtual setup to guide students as they pursue a creative approach to tackling the UN sustainable development goals.


Summer Buzz 

These unique times have presented our team with an opportunity to create a virtual program that allows youth to participate in activities and lessons that will inspire changemaking in their lives. The Summer Buzz Virtual Camp will be conducted via live video calls on the two Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Virtual Sessions

There will be 4 sessions that are 45-60 minutes each. After completion of all the sessions, participants will be awarded with a  certificate of completion.

Bee Leaders

The sessions will be lead by 4 Bee Leaders from PolliNation, along with some bee-mazing guest speakers.


The participants will be provided with the booklet that contains a series of reflections, discussion questions, and interactive activities.


‚Äč" Pollinators are already a part of my literacy program. I was looking for a way to make it more exciting and engaging for the kids. The Bee Leaders of Tomorrow program helped them to have a better understanding of the topic and its impact! "

Karen Stirling, Teacher at Vista Hills Public School

Polly asked her how is Summer Buzz a great learning opportunity for students? Click on image to learn the answer!

Mridhulaa Suresh

Vice - President of Education


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