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New Normal and Rebranding with the PolliNation Team

Around six months ago when the wave of Covid -19 started it changed the entire face of business operations in various industries. PolliNation was no exception and was also affected in many ways. PolliNation had to shift its meetings and work to virtual environment, and an extremely important component the Bee Leaders of Tomorrow program was also transformed to the virtual Summer Buzz program. PolliNation has been embracing this new normal and is also adapting to it rapidly.

As you may know, PolliNation loves to visit schools and teach our change-making curriculum to students. Since we are not able to do it this summer, we decided to offer the Summer Buzz virtual camp! This way the students are able to learn more about the pollinator crisis and how to become a changemaker in the comfort of their own home. Our Summer Buzz virtual camp is being held on August 17th to 24th on Zoom. As online sessions may be a different experience than in-class sessions, we strive to create an engaging curriculum by having special guest speakers and awesome activities and DIYs!

As a club we acknowledged that rebranding would allow us to better reach and cater to our community. So we took a step back and analyzed the different groups of people that we served. This allowed us to think of how we could adopt a brand image that would speak to each group, even in these unprecedented times. PolliNation’s rebranding began with a new logo. The main focus of our new logo was our new colour scheme. The same colour scheme we will use for social media posts, meant to better engage students with PolliNation’s initiatives. So creating a new logo that reflected this was necessary to maintain a cohesive brand. Another element of our rebranding plan was a new mascot, meant for our younger audience. So we created an animated mascot that spoke to this segment’s interests while staying true to PolliNation’s mission. We believe that our new mascot gives us the opportunity to attract our target market and create a strong brand image by using it as the face of our pollinator kits. All in all, rebranding has allowed us to communicate our message in a way that truly resonates within each sector of our community. That being said, now more than ever we recognize that keeping our brand relevant is crucial to continuously reach and deliver value to each individual in our community.

Even during these unpredictable times, the new PolliNation team has been buzzing with the same energy. We have changed the complete aesthetic of PolliNation brand, have formed a virtual changemaking program, started this blog, and look forward to a wide range amazing projects that are upcoming. So stay tuned for more updates!


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